The LAF General Scholarship

The Leo Aguilar Foundation General Scholarship is awarded to two graduating senior student from Los Fresnos High School. Application to this scholarship can be picked up and turned in to Mrs. Barreda at the counseling department at Los Fresnos High School. After the deadline has passed, the counselors of Los Fresnos High School, along with the head principal, will select the outstanding students who meet the Scholarship criteria.


  • GPA: B- or 2.7 or greater
  • Ranked in the top 44% of the class
  • Written 500 word essay
  • Involved with school orginizations
  • Community involvement
  • Resume

Distribution Process

In order for recipients of any Leo Aguilar Foundation scholarships to redeem their award, the recipient first needs to register for classes. The recipient then needs to contact Juan Aguilar at (956) 206 - 8085 or at his email, to meet with him or a representative of the Leo Aguilar Foundation to show them the recipient's schedule of classes as proof of enrollment, and then the recipient will be awarded the first half of the scholarship. For the recipient to receive the second half of the scholarship, the recipient needs to set up a meeting with Juan Aguilar upon completing their first semester in college showing their transcript with PASSING marks in their classes as well as their schedule of classes for the SECOND semester, upon completion of the meeting the recipient will be awarded the second half of their scholarship. A WITHDRAW will void this scholarship.